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Drug Crimes

Drug crimes may be brought in Texas or Federal court and include:


  • Drug Possession

  • Drug Trafficking and Possession with Intent to Distribute

  • “Pill Mill” Drug Diversion Crimes (Prescriber / Pharmacist)

  • Conspiracy

  • Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity

  • Money Laundering


Houston Drug Crimes Attorney Sean Buckley believes that criminal drug changes should always be taken seriously, as even minor drug charges can significantly impact your reputation and livelihood. Many drug crimes – particularly those involving large quantities of narcotics – are extremely serious and can carry drastic penalties. If you are under investigation for a drug crime or have already been charged, you need a skilled and aggressive criminal defense attorney to immediately protect your rights and begin preparing a defense. Drug Crimes Attorney Sean Buckley is experienced in representing clients facing drug charges ranging from simple possession to multi-kilogram interstate and international drug trafficking.


Texas and Federal prosecutors often add charges of Conspiracy or Money Laundering to drug cases involving trafficking and distribution. These charges add complexities that must be expertly navigated to mitigate the risk of harsher penalties. 


Houston Drug Crimes Attorney Sean Buckley understands that Texas law enforcement agencies and prosecutors tend to approach investigating and prosecuting drug crimes differently than their Federal counterparts. While Texas drug charges typically begin when police allegedly find or “catch” someone in actual possession of drugs, Federal charges often stem from “historical” investigations involving wiretaps, confidential informants, and various circumstantial evidence purporting to show someone’s past or ongoing involvement in a drug conspiracy.


Houston Drug Crimes Attorney Sean Buckley has over two decades of experience vigorously defending clients against Texas and Federal drug charges.  For over a decade he’s served as lead editor of O’Connor’s Federal Criminal Rules and Codes, a Federal Criminal Law book trusted by criminal lawyers across the United States.


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