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Family Assault Crimes

If you’ve been charged with a Family Assault crime, you need a skilled and aggressive criminal defense attorney to immediately protect your rights and begin preparing a defense. Common Family Assault crimes include:


  • Misdemeanor Assault – Family Member

  • Felony Assault – Family Member – Impeding Breathing (“choking”)

  • Felony Assault – Family Member – Continuous Violence

  • Felony Assault – Family Member – Deadly Weapon

  • Felony Assault – Family Member – Serious Bodily Injury

  • Injury to a Child


Houston Family Assault Crimes Attorney Sean Buckley has successfully defended many Family Assault cases over the years and obtained numerous dismissals and “Not Guilty” jury verdicts. After years of successfully exposing patterns of false allegations by manipulative abusers, Houston Attorney Sean Buckley began publicly advocating against what he calls “The Family Violence Scam” – a scheme in which narcissistic and antisocial domestic abusers lodge believable but false accusations of domestic violence against their victims to assert control and punish. To execute this scheme, the abuser dupes and manipulates police, prosecutors, and victim’s advocates into falsely arresting and prosecuting their victim – thus converting these public servants into unwitting proxies of continuing domestic violence. Houston Family Assault Crimes Attorney Sean Buckley is experienced in identifying and defending against this outrageous form of domestic violence by proxy. 


Houston attorney Sean Buckley passionately defends victims of the Family Violence Scam and others accused of Family Assault crimes.


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