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Firearm Crimes

The Law Office of Sean Buckley successfully defends Texas and Federal criminal firearm cases including:


  • Felon in Possession of a Firearm

  • Possession of Prohibited Firearms

  • Possession of Firearms in Prohibited Places

  • Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon

  • Firearms Trafficking

  • False Statements on ATF – 4473 Forms

  • “Straw Buyer” Offenses

  • Dealing in Firearms Without a Federal Firearms License (FFL

  • Illegally Exporting Firearms


Firearms are regulated under both Texas and Federal law, and prosecutors seeking to charge people with firearms crimes have numerous criminal statutes at their disposal. But the Second Amendment is still alive – as the Supreme Court has recently reaffirmed. New doors are opening to potential new defenses in criminal firearms cases. The Law Office of Sean Buckley believes that competent criminal defense lawyers should continually re-examine firearms crimes for potential defenses and loopholes. Longstanding assumptions may no longer be valid.


Most criminal defense lawyers have lots of “experience” losing criminal firearm cases. We’re experienced at winning.


Representing clients nationwide and throughout Houston and the State of Texas including Harris County, Montgomery County, Galveston County, Fort Bend County, and Chambers County.

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