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Healthcare Crimes

The Law Office of Sean Buckley successfully defends against Healthcare Crimes cases. In fact, our firm is recognized among an elite group of criminal defense firms across the United States who’ve beat the Federal Government in Healthcare Crimes cases multiple times. From recently winning a stunning “Not Guilty” verdict in a $120M Federal Healthcare Fraud and Money Laundering Conspiracy case, to getting all charges dismissed before trial in another Federal Healthcare Fraud Conspiracy case . . . we win when winning is the only option.  


We defend healthcare professionals and others against allegations of Healthcare Crimes including:


  • Healthcare Fraud

  • Medicare / Medicaid Fraud

  • Anti-Kickback (AKS) or Stark Violations

  • Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, and False Claims Act

  • Diversion of Controlled Substances (“Pill Mill” cases)

  • Conspiracy

  • Money Laundering


Most criminal defense lawyers have lots of “experience” losing Healthcare Crimes cases. We’re experienced at winning. 


Representing clients throughout Houston and the State of Texas including Harris County, Montgomery County, Galveston County, Fort Bend County, and Chambers County.

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