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Money Laundering

Money Laundering is a complex Federal and Texas crime. To many people, the term “Money Laundering” conjures up images of organized crime figures washing large piles of cash in secret hideouts. These images are largely the product of Hollywood fantasy and bear little resemblance to the modern crime of Money Laundering. Generally speaking, Money Laundering laws make it unlawful to engage in transactions with the proceeds of criminal activity. A number of Federal and Texas Money Laundering statutes outline this concept with varying degrees of specificity. Examples of money laundering might include:


  • Using the proceeds of a crime to buy a house, car, or other item

  • Sending the proceeds of a crime to another bank account by wire transfer

  • Transferring funds to conceal the source of an illegal payment

  • Using the proceeds of a crime to promote legitimate business activities

  • Transferring the proceeds of a crime to a spouse or business partner

  • Converting the proceeds of a crime into securities or cryptocurrency


Houston Money Laundering Defense Attorney Sean Buckley believes that if you are under investigation for Money Laundering or have already been charged, you need a skilled and aggressive criminal defense attorney to immediately protect your rights and begin preparing a defense. Timing is critical, since Texas and Federal prosecutors often file Money Laundering charges in advance of, or in connection with, other criminal charges.


Houston Money Laundering Defense Attorney Sean Buckley has over two decades of experience vigorously defending clients against accusations of Money Laundering.  For over a decade he’s served as lead editor of O’Connor’s Federal Criminal Rules and Codes, a Federal Criminal Law book trusted by criminal lawyers across the United States.  He recently gained national acclaim by winning a stunning “Not Guilty” jury verdict against a team of D.O.J. prosecutors in a $120 million Federal Healthcare Fraud and Money Laundering Conspiracy case. Houston attorney Sean Buckley is one of the few lawyers in the U.S. to score a trial victory of this magnitude against federal prosecutors in a criminal Healthcare and Money Laundering case.


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